Monday, September 27, 2010

Heyu all!~~

:3 Heyu all~! That's Japanese for hello friends! ^^

BRR! It's cold in hurr. o3o (mixed some black talk in heh XD)
What going on with all mah peeps?! I'm just chilling and drawing some anime. XD


Sunday, September 26, 2010


Konnichiwa! How all mah peeps doin'!? XD I wanted ta show u all Some pics I drew :3

They're My OC'S (own character) Kenji and Sakura x3
This is Sakura and Kenji! Sakura is a Neko (cat) Girl! Nyaa!! XD Sometimes I think I'm sorta like Sakura, we look a like neh? When I have a daughter I'll name her that. :3

This is Kenji and Sakura! They're bf and gf xD Aren't they cute?!? Kenji protects Sakura from ebil. o3o

Thanks for lookin' guys~! Sayonara nyaaa!!


Konichiwa~! ^^ How are all mah peeps doinnn~~~ Nyaa~!

My name is Alice :3 I'm 14 yr old and i LOVE JAPAN~!!!!!!!!! Nyaa~! Neko kittehs to da rescue!

I live in Tennessee and I'm white :3 Here's a pic of mehh if ya wanna see! Watch out tho. Dx I'm ugleh...

=_= Watevaaaa nya

Welcome to mah blog! I'ma post cute anime pix i drawed and It shall be NYAATASTIC! x3 Tank ya!